Since becoming an EASA flying instructor, and subsequently a flight examiner, I am continuing the hard work of Sue Virr and Stuart Morton here in Limoges France.

Having trained in the UK throughout my flying career, it is easy to see why learning to fly here in France is so appealing. I am often reminded when flying in this beautiful country at how large and open it is and how wonderully diverse the landscape can be.

The great thing about Limoges is due to it's central location, it makes it simple and easy to explore this variety.

This and the added bonus of there being no additional landing or approach fees when training at Limoges, and airfields further afield usually charging around 5 Euros for a landing, flying here is not only fun but affordable too.

Limoges Bellegarde (LFBL) is a fantastic training aerodrome, allowing us full access to all the available facilities for VFR and IFR flying that come with an international aerodrome. With operators such as Ryanair, British Airways and Flybe arriving no more than 5 flights a day, it enables students to experience a unique blend of sharing airspace with international airlines, without training being interrupted

Whether it's for PPL training, renewal of a license, enjoying a pleasure flight or any of the other possible courses on offer, I look forward to the opportunity to share in my enthusiasm and love for flying and to provide you with a 1 on 1 tailored service you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or queries you may have via the details displayed below: